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About Us


It is a professional organization specialized in its field, providing services such as consultancy, design, project design, product supply, concept development and strategy planning  in the industrial kitchen sector. 

Why are you with us?

Since 1957 in the trade and 1994 in the industry, we have worked to add value and create satisfaction to your business without compromising on quality and honesty.

At the point we have reached today, as the second generation, we are happy to share these experiences with you.

Our Mission

We act with the awareness of ensuring that your kitchen, service concept and business are of high quality and sustainable.

It is aimed to complete the flow without any problems in the journey that starts with the storage of the food and extends to the preparation of the food to be cooked and ready for service.

Thus, at the end of the day, your customer leaves satisfied. 

​Our Vision

HO-RE-CA All businesses new & old in the catering industry; 

Maximum efficiency in the workflow,

Nature-friendly & clean energy conversions,

Compliance with waste management policy

and Sustainability.

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