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Aluminum Shelving Unit

There are available in lengths from 705mm to 1715mm at intervals of every 100mm.

Demountable. It provides economic advantage with the use of common feet.

Shelf legs are made of 32x30 mm aluminum profile, traverses are made of 25x42mm profile.

Aluminum profiles are covered with 20 micron anodized and can be used at -30°C and +60°C without any problems.

Absolutely does not rust, does not oxidize.

Shelf trays are made of ABS and comply with HACCP standards.

It can be washed in the dishwasher.

Shelf trays can be removed and replaced with GN1/1 tubs.

Shelf spacing can be changed very easily.

Each shelf is resistant to 120-150 Kg load. (A set of 4 shelves carries 480-600 Kg.)

Optimal placement can be made with the UL module application.

You can increase or decrease the number of shelves very easily.

No tools are required for assembly.

Foot height 1680 mm

Shelf trays are very easy to clean.

It is very economical for kitchen interiors and cold rooms.

When you make the layout in your projects with this shelf system, you can understand the overall economy more easily.


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