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bulaşık makinesi giriş tezgahı sıyırma hunili

Dishwasher Inlet Bench

It is designed to be suitable for the inlet of the dishwasher, inclined to prevent the outflow of water that is filtered by leaving a spout / plug.

There is a tub on the upper table for pre-washing the dishes.

It is in a special form for easy sliding of the dish basket on the upper table.

The legs are made of 40*40*1.2 mm stainless steel stone, closed box profile and there are adjustable ball joint feet at the end.

The top table is flat and double-turned, with a 190 mm back.

All manufactured from AISI304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.

There is a perforated bottom table option suitable for putting wet materials.

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