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paslanmaz çelik çalışma tezgahı

Work Bench

Stainless steel top plate


All of them are made of AISI304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.


Stainless steel box profile is used in the legs and carrier construction.


The top plate is 1.20 mm, the band is made of 1.00 mm thick sheet metal.


The top table is flat and double-turned, with a 60 mm back.


It is reinforced with stainless steel sheet profiles at necessary places according to the bench lengths.


The legs are made of 40*40*1.2 mm stainless steel stone, closed box profile and there are adjustable ball joint feet at the end.

  • Dimensions

    TCT 096 - 900x600x850 
    TCT 116 - 1100x600x850 
    TCT 146 - 1400x600x850
    TCT 166 - 1600x600x850 
    TCT 196 - 1900x600x850
    TCT 090 - 900x700x850
    TCT 110 - 1100x700x850
    TCT 140 - 1400x700x850
    TCT 160 - 1600x700x850
    TCT 190 - 1900x700x850

    Please contact for custom manufacturing.

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