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çay ocağı kazanı elektrikli gazlı

Tea Machine

Electric Model General Features


Made of 304 chrome 18/10 stainless steel.


Body, resistance and strainer are stainless steel.


It provides long-term deterioration of tea flavor.


It provides suitable use for mass consumption.


It is hygienic and long lasting.


It is economical with automatic heat control system.


Water heating system has been specially designed.


It gives tea that does not go stale all day long, and hot water.


Equipped with a non-rusting shock tube resistance that boils water.


It provides ergonomic use with special model taps.


CE certified


In addition, gas models are Gazmer approved.

  • Electric Model

    Code Model Liter Dimensions
    K30 Single Pot
    15 Models
    13 50x27x37
    K31 Double Teapot
    30 Models
    23 60x35x40
    K34 Double Teapot
    40 Models
    28 60x35x44
    K32 Three Pots
    55 Models
    33 74x35x42
    K33 Four Pots
    85 Models
    58 84x35x42
    Double Teapot
    Coffee on the Sand
    23 60x35x40
    Three Pots
    Coffee on the Sand
    33 74x35x42


  • Gas Model

    Code Model Liter Dimensions kW
    N10 Single Teapot
    15 Models
    13 51x28x41 3.8
    N11 Double Teapot
    30 Models
    23 62x25x44 4.4
    N12 Double Teapot
    40 Models
    28 62x30x50 4.4
    N13 Three Teapots
    55 Models
    33 76x30x45 5.1
    N14 Four Teapots
    85 Models
    58 102x30x54 6.3
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