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çöp konteyner 770 lt

Waste Container 770 Lt

Container volume 770 liters.


It is produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE).


Container 2 pieces with 360° rotating brake, 2 pieces 360° rotating without brake

It has 4 wheels, covers and can be easily transported.


The wall thickness of the container is 5.6 mm (+/-0.2 mm), the empty weight is at least 48 (+/-5%)

kg, garbage capacity of 365 kg.


Resistant to UV rays.


The light sensitivity of the paint used will be high.

Does not fade/discolor.


Wheel bodies are made of polypropylene and

Tires are resistant to all weather conditions.


The wheel axle shaft is galvanized.


Containers do not smell, have the feature of easy cleaning, sun

It will be made of material that will not be affected by heat, alcohol, yeast, vinegar, salt.

spirit, acid, ammonia etc. It is not affected by corrosive chemicals.


The metal part on the container is galvanized.


The container is produced resistant to shock effects, shock effects are not in any way.

deformation will not cause changes in dimensions and other properties.


The container body will be resistant to falling. Leakage, cracking and

no splitting.


Container wheels 200 mm in diameter.


The carrying capacity of the wheels is at least 370 kg.


Side lift arms are produced from galvanized material with a diameter of 16 mm.


Welds of the side lift arms will be made from the inner surface and from the outer surface.

There is no trace of the source.


The sheets of the side lift arms  are 2 mm thick and galvanized.


Dimensions given above  are approximate values and +/- 5% deviation in dimensions

it could be.



It can be a metal pedal for opening the door. For slow closing the door

spring pedal can be used.


Cover version can be made inside the cover.


The bottom base of the garbage container  may be with or without a drain plug.


Optionally, metal handles or plastic trunnions can be attached to the handles.


Optional product weight can be increased. The maximum is 56 kg.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Size 780mm
    Most 1340mm
    Height 1280mm
    Weight 44.8KG



    40 HC Container 96
    Truck 120
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