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et çözdürme arabası

Meat Defrosting Trolley

There is a GN 2/1 x 150mm perforated container in which the meats are kept and a GN 2/1 x 20mm container under which the meat juices are collected.


There is a drain system in the containers where the meat juices accumulate and a blood collection container at the bottom.


There are 4 wheels, two with brakes and two without brakes, which can rotate 360 degrees.


There are 4 rubber bumpers that absorb impact against collisions.


All manufactured from AISI 304 quality, 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.


Rail sheets are 1.50 mm thick


Carrier construction is made of 40x40x1,20 stainless steel box profile.

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