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Waiter's Counter

It is closed on three sides to ensure compatibility with other benches in the service line.


It can be produced in the desired size.

All manufactured from AISI304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.

The upper table is 1.50 mm thick, the lower table and plinth 1.20 mm, the band and door 1.00 mm, the side covering sheets 0.80 mm thick.

Optionally, illuminated service shelf and tray stand can be added.

Double sliding doors are industrial nylon (N66) roller, double turn and single wall, internally reinforced where necessary.

Sliding doors are mounted on the lower table from below, the upper surface of the table is in a form that will not interfere with cleaning.

Door handles are made of AISI304 quality stainless steel sheet.

The feet are made of 40*40*1.2 mm stainless steel stone, closed box profile and there are adjustable ball joint feet at the end. 

In line with the customer's request, the front panel can be made with different wood coatings.

In addition to the heated version:

The temperature cabinet is 0-90°C thermostat controlled.

The heat is distributed homogeneously in the cabinet with the turbo fan.



Modular structure of service lines; It allows it to be easily adapted to any place where mass food is consumed, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, canteens, and to be developed according to increasing needs. Service lines have been designed considering criteria such as safety and easy cleaning, as well as the most efficient use.

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