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indüksiyon ocak endüstriyel mutfak

Induction Cooker

General features

All electrical command and control equipment, including cookers, comply with international standards.


The body of the device is made of 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet with stones, and the other internal parts are made of aluminized sheet.


Cookers can be operated separately in different positions with 6-stage switches.


The device can be used by placing a stand on or under the countertop.

  • Technicial Specifications

    7OE10IS Induction Cooker - 1/2 Module
    2 induction cookers
    Glass size: 530*320 mm
    Heat Capacity: 7 kW
    Electric Input: 380-400V 3N 50-60Hz
    Dimensions: 400*730*285 mm

    7OE20IS Induction Cooker - 1 Module 
    4 induction cookers 
    Glass size: 2 x 530*320 mm
    Heat Capacity: 14kW
    Electric Input: 380-400V 3N 50-60Hz
    Dimensions: 800*730*285 mm

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