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makarna pişirici haşlama makinesi

Pasta Cooker

It provides effortless use with its oil discharge tap.

Suitable for professional use.

High precision thermostat.

It also has a second thermostat, providing fire safety.

Steel gastronorm cutlery

Basket with removable handles.

Stainless steel body.

Steel cover.

  • Technicial Specifications

    R114 - Electric Model
    Product Dimensions: 320x620x440 mm
    Weight: 8.5 kg
    Capacity: 8 lt
    Power: 3200W


    R114CE - Gas Model
    Product Dimensions: 340x640x480mm
    Weight: 14 kg
    Capacity: 8 lt
    Total Gas Power (QN): 6 kW
    Total Expenditure (V) G20 (Natural Gas): 0.63 m³/hour
    Total Expenditure (V) G30 (LPG-Cylinder): 0.47 m³/h
    Ventilation: 17 m³/h
    Natural Gas Working Pressure: 20mbar
    LPG (Tube) Working Pressure: 30-50 mbar

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