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make up - 40x60

Make Up Refrigerator - 40x60

Pizza, Salad, Sandwich preparation refrigerator,


Refrigerated GN Tub garnishing unit


Refrigerator suitable for 40x60 cm trays with 80 cm depth


Outdoor temperature +43°C 65% humidity

New design for even temperature distribution

Zero ODP injected 42 kg/m3 environmentally friendly polyurethane insulation

Digital control with easy-to-read display

Easy opening and cleaning thanks to the ergonomic door and handle

Excellent efficiency and energy consumption with the patented 'Icecool' cooling system

Hot gas defrost system

Waste heat recovery condensation

All refrigerators are available in marine versions.

Marine versions include the 'Icecool marine' system, marine legs and racks.

R 290 refrigerant gas option is available.

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