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monoblok servis arabası plastik

Serving Trolley Monoblock

Monoblock Structure

It is produced from polyethylene suitable for food and harmless to human health.

It is not affected by moisture.

It is very conducive to dirty collection and clean distribution. Does not crack or break.

It is an environmentally friendly product as it is recyclable.

In order to be durable, its body, including the handles and spaces, is produced as a monoblock and in one go.

It is produced with double walls and polyurethane (CFC-FREE) is injected between the inner and outer walls. It performs its task without any problems, even under greater weight.

Not suitable for carrying in the sun and hot tub.

It is very durable and quiet thanks to the wheels fixed with special nuts embedded in the body.

Serving opening is ideal for moving between tables.

You can work more efficiently by using Trash / Fork / Spoon attachments and Dish Collection Tub.

Easy to clean.

You can easily place the dishwasher baskets without tilting them out.

It can be easily moved and stopped with 4 wheels with 2 brakes and swivels, 2 without brakes and swivels.

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