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sebze doğrama makinesi dilimleme

Vegetable Processing Machine

The diameter of discs is 210 mm.

Two different material entry holes. Push-rod hole for wide materials, cylinder bore with fine materials rammer.

Material push hole width 79mm, length 134mm.

Material feeding cylinder hole diameter 65mm, height 130mm.

Fully AISI 304 stainless body.

Discs on standard machine:
Grating Disc 3mm,
Grating Disc 7mm,
Slicing Disc 5mm,
Slicing Disc 10mm,
Bar Cutting 5x5mm

Automatic stop-start. The machine starts automatically when the material wide feeding hole is closed.

Optional separately purchased discs:
Grating Disc 4mm,
Slicing Disc 2mm,
Bar Cutting 10×10 mm,
Cube Cut 10×10 mm*,
Cube Cut 20×20 mm*.

*To be able to use Cube Cutting discs, Cube Cutting apparatus is also required.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Code Model Explanation Capacity Dimensions
    Weight Strength Energy
    105260 SEB 210m Counter Top 300Kg /Hour 27x88 kg 0.37 kW 220V
    105269 SEB 210Hm Footed 300Kg/Hour 27x88x108  Kg 0.37 kW 220V
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