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limonata şerbet ayran soğutucu dispenser

Juice & Ayran Cooler

It provides hygiene with its break-resistant polycarbonate chamber.

Electromagnetic pump / silent reducer motor

Stainless steel side and front plates

Quiet, durable, powerful compressor is used.

Thanks to its design, it provides easy maintenance and cleaning.

Provides cooling in all conditions.

CE certified. 


new system faucet

  • Technicial Specifications

    Product Dimensions: 225x480x760mm
    Capacity: 20 lt
    Power: 550 Kcal


    ST12 - ST13 - ST14
    Product Dimensions: 435x440x760mm
    Weight: 31 kg
    Capacity: 20+20 lt
    Power: 720 Kcal


    ST16 - ST17 - ST19 - ST20
    Product Dimensions: 650x440x760mm
    Capacity: 20+20+20 lt
    Power: 1100 Kcal

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