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soğuk servis ünitesi küvetli

Serving Refrigerator

Optionally, there are 3, 4 or 5 GN 1/1 pools.

-2/+2 °C cooling.

With defrost, the water is evaporated in the evaporator and overflow to the environment is prevented.

Door handles and hinges are made of adjustable chrome-plated casting material, door sealing gaskets are made of specially manufactured plastic and isothermic.

Static or air-force evaporators with suitable capacity will be used according to the function of the cooling units. 

Defrost water will be connected to a pan or flowed under the cabinet with a pipe.

Optionally, illuminated service shelf and tray stand can be added.

In line with the customer's request, the front panel can be made with different wood coatings.


All of them are made of AISI 304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.


Modular structure of service lines; It allows it to be easily adapted to any place where mass food is consumed, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, canteens, and to be developed according to increasing needs. Service lines have been designed considering criteria such as safety and easy cleaning, as well as the most efficient use.

  • Dimensions

    with bathtub 2x1 / 1GN 1000x700x850
    with bathtub 3x1 / 1GN 1400x700x850
    with bathtub 4x1 / 1GN 1900x700x850


    with pool 1000x700x850
    with pool 1400x700x850
    with pool 1900x700x850


    Service Refrigerator 1000x700x850
    Service Refrigerator 1400x700x850
    Service Refrigerator 1900x700x850
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