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amerikan ızgara

Vapor Grill

There is an oil collecting channel and drain in front of the frying surface.

The oil accumulated on the surface can be collected in the water-filled stainless steel drawer and can be easily cleaned.

It has a stainless sheet panel on three sides to prevent the oil from splashing around during frying.

Ability to work with LPG or natural gas and to be able to transform without any modification (only with injector change)

Gas taps with flame safety valve (automatically cut off the gas if the flame goes out)

All gas command and control equipment comply with international standards.

The body of the device is made of 18/8 Cr-NI stainless steel sheet with stones, and the other internal parts are made of aluminized sheet.

  • Technicial Specifications

    7ZG10 - ½ Module 
    Grid Size: 395*520 mm
    Heat Capacity: 8.3 kW
    Gas Input: ¾ “
    Dimensions: 400*730*850 mm

    7ZG20 - 1 Module
    Grid Size: 795*520 mm
    Heat Capacity: 16.5 kW
    Gas Input: ¾ “
    Dimensions: 800*7300*850 mm

    7ZG30 - 1.5 Modules
    Grid Size: 1195*520 mm
    Heat Capacity: 24.8 kW
    Gas Input: ¾ “
    Dimensions: 1200*730*850 mm

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