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thermobox gn 1/1 kapasite


Thermobox - Termobox - Hot Holder


For 4 hours, hot food cools down at an average of 1.5°C per hour,

cold food heats up by 1°C.


It should be front loaded. It is resistant to -40°C cold, +100°C heat.


It is designed for GN Tubs. There are 12 shelf slides.


Shelf spacing 30 mm


Due to its average 50-liter capacity, it carries over 200 portions of food.


It is produced from polyethylene suitable for food and harmless to human health.


It is produced with double walls for insulation, and polyurethane (CFC-FREE) is injected between the inner and outer walls with a density of 38-40 kg/m³.


It has a "Monoblock" body produced in one go.
This product increases its durability.


Due to its polypropylene hinged door opening 270° to the left
It is more hygienic as cross contamination is prevented.


All screws used for the loading door lock are 304 quality stainless steel.


The loading door is hinged and made of unbreakable polyamide material.


There are durable monoblock handles on the body for easy carrying.


It is designed to be stacked on top of each other for ease of storage, transportation and use.


There is a round gasket made of food-grade silicone inside the door.


It can be washed in the dishwasher.


Its body is very durable due to the raw material and production technique used, and there is no need to use shoe and corner protection.


It is an environmentally friendly product as it is recyclable.


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