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tıbbı atık çöp kovası turuncu

Medical Waste Trash Bin

The containers will be made of odorless, easy-to-clean material that will not be affected by sunlight, alcohol, yeast, vinegar, salt spirit, acid, ammonia  etc. will not be affected by corrosive chemicals.


The container body will be resistant to falling. Leakage, cracking and splitting will not be observed.


It is manufactured from high density polyethylene.

It is resistant to UV rays.

The light sensitivity of the paint used will be high, and it will not fade/change color in sunlight.

The container will be resistant to shock effects, shock effects will not cause deformation, change in size and other properties in any way.

  • Technicial Specifications

    Product code 30lt pedal
    Size 330mm
    Most 220mm
    Height 500mm


    Product code 40 lt. pedal
    Size 535mm
    Most 535mm
    Height 590mm


    Product code 60 lt. pedal
    Size 450mm
    Most 370mm
    Height 740mm


    Product code 120 lt. pedal
    Size 600mm
    Most 500mm
    Height 950mm
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