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tepsi toplama arabası katlı tribeca TTA 3753

Soiled Tray Collecting Trolley

Multi-Tiers - Monoblock

It is ergonomically and aesthetically unique.

It is a tray trolley designed for transporting 37x53 cm serving trays.

It is possible to produce according to special requests in different sizes.

Due to the space between the tray racks, the trays can be put together with the footless water glasses inside.

Each compartment has 12 shelves. The double model carries 24 trays.

Its body is made of food-grade polyethylene, durable, rustproof and washable.

304 quality stainless steel profiles are used to connect the bottom and top shelves.

It can be easily moved and stopped with 4 wheels with 2 brakes and swivels, 2 without brakes and swivels.

It does not rust, break or crack.

Dirty trays are not visible when viewed from the side.

It is a suitable product for businesses with aesthetic importance.

NSF certified.

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