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Key Components

  • Kitchen Concept & Type

  • Capacity

The richness of gastronomy as a result of the nutritional differences between cultures triggered the variety of devices in the industrial kitchen sector.

In the supply of the right equipment, getting feedback about your concept from you will make our work easier and speed up the process. 

Just as important as using the right equipment is how well that equipment can serve you.

In order to determine this, we act by considering the factors such as the total seating capacity of your usage area and whether it will provide outside service.

In addition, seasonal overcapacity limits that you may encounter in your business should not be ignored. 

  • Usage Area Account

  • Financial Status

The correct calculation of areas such as storage, preparation, cooking and service allocated for the kitchen depends on many parameters.
Some of these parameters are: the capacity of the people to be served, the distances of the process areas from each other, the work flow, the comfort of the personnel, etc. are elements.
In addition, the technical infrastructure of the site causes variability in the calculations, such as the relationship of the area on the floor with non-kitchen uses.

In kitchen projects, product, technical infrastructure, labor cost, spare parts etc. The procurement process of the items is a difficult and complex issue to be determined by the operator.
Requirements and the budget allocated to work often do not coincide.  We recommend seeking professional help to keep these two components in balance. 

Management Process:

  • Construction Site Visit

    • If necessary, before the project  field meeting can be scheduled.

  • Survey from the Settlement Area

    • It is the way to go if you don't have a digital copy of your project.

  • Determination of the Spaces Allocated to the Kitchen

    • It is essential for dominating the fields.It is based on the information of the experts.

  • Draft Works

    • Before the design, the locations determined are briefed to the customer, and the design is initiated upon approval.

  • Flow Chart

    • A schematic plan is designed considering the process flow direction. 

  • Layout Plans of Whole Project

    • After the determination of the spaces and their flow, the equipment is transferred to your plan from our rich library according to the need.

    • The general working principle is 2-dimensional, if there are any incomprehensible points  Supported by 3D or Section views.

  • Equipment  List

    • Inputs such as number, brand, model, size of the equipment used in the project​  is prepared using

  • Product Technical Specifications 

    • Project  after approval, together with a price offer  A document with detailed technical specifications is presented.

  • Custom Made Product Design

    • Custom made products are designed for your project within the appropriate technical conditions. Available with isometric drawings

  • Installation (MEP) Layouts

    • After the contract approval, the installation values of the equipment used are measured on the plan with reference points, 

    • "Electric", "Sanitary", if used  It is separated as "gas" and presented on a sheet by sheet.

  • Technical Drawing of Products

    • If there is a non-standard product in the equipment used, it is directed to the factory by making a production drawing.

    • At the same time, although these designs prevent an irreversible mistake in production,  It is shared with you and processed after approval.

  • Customer Presentation Sheet

    • Various presentations are made periodically in order to ensure coordination with you in all the aforementioned transactions.

    • In terms of efficiency, face-to-face discussion of presentations will yield better results. 

Endüstriyel Mutfaklarda
Proje ve Tasarım

Project and Design Solutions in Commercial Kitchen

In the world of gastronomy, it is all of the obligations to provide consultancy services to the customer within the scope of the planned budget, in all areas associated with the field of activity, the concept of food & beverage, by displaying a professional and impartial stance.

Due to our work, we use more experience than a business can have to add value to your business, we spend all of our time on your project in order to get maximum efficiency, and we create permanent values.

Act with us for accurate solutions.

Ayazsan Mutfak Profesyonel Projelerde
Sizin İçin Ne Yapar?

AYAZSAN Kitchen 

What Does It Do For You?

It prevents costly and inappropriate financial behaviors in line with efficient kitchen design and planning.


By establishing the relationship between the kitchen working areas and the place and the people, they act as a whole within the hygiene rules accepted in international platforms.


This leads to increased efficiency and trouble-free operations. Today, many operators are under the misconception that kitchen design and planning is simple.


In order to get the process back on track after delays in the project as a result of wrong decisions, the business  face unplanned extra costs.


At the same time, there may be a revision of equipment with incorrect specifications.


The walls built according to the project in the kitchen should be demolished and new ones should be built, which again creates delays and additional costs in the project.

Although the effect of ignoring these mistakes is not understood in the short term, it will create problems in the long term. Sooner or later, it will manifest in the quality of the food served, the cumbersomeness in the service and the overall business.

Trying to fix the problems during the construction phase of the kitchen will cause situations such as increase in labor costs, postponement of the opening date, potential loss of opportunities in the region, and payment of financial issues such as rent before the establishment is opened.

Hacmin Doğru Kullanımı:

Correct Use of Volume


Each square meter of the areas reserved for the kitchen should be kept in accordance with the capacity.


Seating capacity to calculate the area to be used,  personal number,  with variables such as service frequency  coordinated action.


Maximum person in minimum kitchen space  service mentality is wrong. It is inevitable that this understanding will lose its function in a short time and harm the business.

In Industrial Kitchens
Operation and Service Flow

Process Flow

various foods,  with storage  After the starting process,  preparation, cooking, serving, etc. The process ends when it is delivered to the customer after the stages.


This process has its own dynamics and flow direction. And this is not a variable parameter.


We act in accordance with the standards, not according to the people, but according to the rules. The aim here is to complete the flow as soon as possible and to create customer satisfaction.

Gereksinimlerin Belirlenmesi:

Your Requirements 


Today, hotels, restaurants, cafes are generally considered as a concept when designing spaces.


If planning is made, what will be cooked in the kitchen, what can be added to the menu later,  The answers to questions such as the number of personnel, how much employment it will create, and how many days the storage will be charged are most likely obvious.  


In order to create a permanent and healthy solution in your business, it will be beneficial for you to solve such factors without setting up your kitchen.

Servis ve Operasyon:

Service and Operation

There are times when the service and operation of every business peaks in capacity.


It is only possible to get through these intervals without any problems, but with the right planning. The delay that the food prepared for service will experience during the service process,  all the effort and  It can be destroyed in one fell swoop.


In order to prevent such situations, the hot kitchen as well as the service stations must be correctly positioned and the product equipment must be sufficient.

The result is happy customers.

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