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hareketli çalışma tezgahı paslanmaz çelik

Movable Work Bench

All manufactured from AISI304 quality 18/8 Cr-Ni stainless steel sheet.


It is reinforced with 4 stainless steel profiles.


There are stainless reinforcing sheets under the upper table and the lower table.


The legs are made of 40*40*1.2 mm stainless steel stone, closed box profile and there are adjustable ball joint feet at the end.


360 degrees rotating four wheels, two with brakes, two without brakes

  • Dimensions

    With Base Shelf

    INO-TCN 116HS 1100x600x850 INO-TCN 146HS 1400x600x850 INO-TCN 166HS 1600x600x850 INO-TCN 110HS 1100x700x850 INO-TCN 140HS 1400x700x850 INO-TCN 160HS 1600x700x850


    With Middle Shelf

    INO-TCA 116HS 1100x600x850 INO-TCA 146HS 1400x600x850 INO-TCA 166HS 1600x600x850 INO-TCA 110HS 1100x700x850 INO-TCA 140HS 1400x700x850 INO-TCA 160HS 1600x700x850


    With drawers

    INO-TCC 116HS 1100x600x850 INO-TCC 146HS 1400x600x850 INO-TCC 110HS 1100x700x850 INO-TCC 140HS 1400x700x850 INO-TCC 160HS 1600x700x850


    Please contact us for your custom size production requests.

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